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Preparing and Being Successful for the Job Interviews
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Event Details

Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM PT

Venue: Zoom Meeting

Admission: Free


Join us for Part 3 of the Professional Development and Leadership Program (PDLP) series to learn about the various job interviews and discuss how to prepare and be successful with behavioral and skills/case interviews.

Event Agenda


1. Types of interviews

2. Behavioral interview

3. Skills or case interview

4. STAR interview response technique

5. Open Q&A 



David C. Doan

Management Consulting Senior Manager


David is a management consulting senior manager in Accenture North America Health Care Innovation Practice and is based in Los Angeles. David has over 25 years in the healthcare industry. David is adept at transforming strategy into execution and can quickly identify and prioritize complex business issues and deliver customer-centered, valuable, innovative, and transformative solutions to healthcare business owners and influencers. Outside of Accenture, David's interests include nonprofit organizations, volunteerism, music, theatre, live performances, travelling, and exploring foods and wines. He is passionate about empowering, amplifying, and magnifying the voices of marginalized populations.


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